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I am about to purchase the pro version, but I have some questions beforehand. One thing I would like to know if it is possible to create albums with subalbums, where the root is password protected, and the others are not?

I would like to have a parent folder which is password protected. the subsequent galleries then should be available after authentication. I also would be fine if the subsequent galleries would be protected again.

That way I would like to create a logical grouping (different groups of friends, work, ....) Is there a way I can achieve that?


Re: Subgalleries with password protection

With Juicebox-Pro, you can create as many individual galleries as you like.
However, if you would like to link together a number of different Juicebox-Pro galleries, then you would need to do so manually following the instructions and online examples in the Embedding Multiple Galleries support section.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a fully automated and customizable method of creating and displaying multiple galleries, then you might like to take a look at another one of our products - Showkase.

Showkase is a PHP web application (installed on your web server rather than your computer) which allows you to create a complete portfolio web site (integrating multiple galleries) online.
Showkase has full support for Juicebox-Pro and the galleries can be created within the application itself in a web browser interface (or created with JuiceboxBuilder-Pro and imported).

You can create Gallery Index pages and have as many galleries listed on each Gallery Index page as you wish.
Each gallery is represented by a thumbnail image with the gallery title displayed below and the gallery is opened when the user clicks on the image.
Demo sites created with Showkase can be found here and a sample Gallery Index page can be found here.
Please note that the Showkase navigation menu supports only two levels. Gallery pages can be top or second level pages but Gallery Index Pages can be top level pages only (with gallery pages grouped under them).
It is not possible to group Gallery Index Pages under other Gallery Index Pages.

Showkase can also create non-gallery pages (About, Basic and Contact pages) where you can add information about yourself (or any other content you like).
All of this is done automatically within the Showkase interface without the need for any manual coding at all.
You can take a look around the Showkase interface by logging into the Live Demo Admin.

Showkase can be purchased as Showkase-Standard (which comes with Juicebox-Lite, the free version) or Showkase-Pro (which comes with Juicebox-Pro).
The only difference between Showkase-Standard and Showkase-Pro is the bundled viewer (Juicebox-Lite vs Juicebox-Pro).

If you use Juicebox-Pro on its own, then each gallery can have its own unique password.
If you use Showkase, then all Juicebox-Pro galleries within a Showkase site share the same 'jbcore' folder and will, therefore, have the same password.

Re: Subgalleries with password protection

Is it possible to have had more than one gallery share the same password by the way? But not the "master" password. I hope I'm explaining what I mean good enough.

Re: Subgalleries with password protection


With Juicebox-Pro, each gallery can have its own 'jbcore' folder and, therefore, its own password. (Please see the Password Protection support section for details.)
If you like, galleries can share a password, either by sharing a single 'jbcore' folder (see here for details) or by entering the same password into each gallery's 'pswd.php' file.

When using Showkase, all Juicebox-Pro galleries share the same 'jbcore' folder and, thus, all galleries use the same password.
This is just how Showkase works and it cannot be changed.