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Is it possible to add from an Instagram feed yet?

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Juicebox has no built-in support for displaying Instagram images (like it does for displaying Flickr images).
It might be possible to do so via the Instagram Graph API (it looks like they are currently in the process of deprecating their Instagram API Platform) but it looks like it might be a rather complex project.
Even if you were able to use the Instagram Graph API to fetch a list of images to display in your gallery, you'd still need to write a script (in PHP or another server-side scripting language) to dynamically generate a gallery's configuration file (in either XML or JSON format) from the data gathered via the API.
All things considered, it would not be a quick and easy task (if at all possible).

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Got it Thanks.
Is there a way of setting a flickr gallery to load solely from a hashtag (ie. If I post an image'___#test')?
I currently have a gallery that runs from Flickr but needs a photo with a tag (not #) which cant be added on a phone.
I have to upload to a Flickr album, log in then add a tag.

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I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to do and whether the hashtag you refer to is an actual Flickr Tag starting with a hash or a hashtag in a Flickr photo title or description (which ends up as an actual Flickr Tag anyway?).

According to these two web pages (notes from Flickr users rather than official Flickr documentation), Flickr seems to treat tags and hashtags similarly as far as searches are concerned. … 655377495/ … ickr-photo

Also, I see no specific mention of hashtags in the Flickr API (which Juicebox uses to fetch the list of images to display in the gallery).

If you set flickrUserName and flickrTags in your gallery's configuration file (as you currently do), then only those images from your Flickr account with the specified tag(s) will be displayed. (Tags and hashtags being treated equally according to the web pages above.)
You can remove flickrUserName to display tagged images from all public Flickr accounts and/or you can add multiple flickrTags (separated by commas) in conjunction with setting flickrTagMode to ALL (images need to have all of the specified tags) or ANY (images can have any of the specified tags).

I'm sorry but I don't fully understand your query.
Maybe if you could explain it again, I might be able to clarify things a little better.

According to the documentation I've found online, if you add a hashtag to a Flickr photo title or description, then Flickr will automatically add the hashtag to the image as an actual Flickr Tag and then treat it as a regular Flickr Tag (without the hash). For example, if you use flickrTags="test", then images with Flickr Tags of either test or #test should be displayed. (My understanding of this may be wrong.)
If this is not what you find is happening, then there may be a bug in Flickr's system and you could perhaps contact Flickr's own support team. for further help.

However, it sounds like you've found a workaround "I have to upload to a Flickr album, log in then add a tag." which is not too difficult or time-consuming so maybe that's just the best course of action.

Just thinking out loud as I'm not sure exactly what you are looking to do...
I hope these notes help somewhat.