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Hi Juicebox.  My first time here.
My Flickr user name is Guy Koekelbergh. And I am just trying JuiceboxBuilder-light.  I want to use images from my Flickr account.
When I fill in the fields in JuiceboxBuilder-light for FLICKR IMAGES ... I can fill in my Flickr User Name ... and when I click the "Load Images" button it loads the first 50 images from my Photo stream.  But when I add a tag in the "Flickr Tags" field .... It gives the load error  "Flickr images Not Found" (even when the image with that Tag is in the first 50 images of my photo stream.
When we take as an example this image :  ... You can see when you scroll down that the Tag is "outdoor" . But when I fil this Tag in the "Flickr Tags" field in JuiceboxBuilder-light, It gives the load error  "Flickr images Not Found".  Please help

Re: Flickr Tags not recognised.

If you have recently tagged your images, it may take some time for the tags to fully propagate through Flickr's system and show up in Flickr API searches (such as that performed by Juicebox to fetch the images from Flickr's servers).
I notice that Flickr have changed their help pages since I was last over there but they used to claim that "it shouldn't take more than a few days until your photos appear in searches".

Also, try entering your Flickr User Id (31127325@N06) and Tags into their online Explorer to see what images are returned.
The result should be consistent with the images displayed by Juicebox.
(At the moment, no images are returned so it certainly looks like the tags are just not active yet within Flickr's API.)

It, after a couple of days, the tagged images are still not showing up in Flickr API searches, try removing the current tags and then re-add them to see if this makes a difference.

Re: Flickr Tags not recognised.

New or very old tags ... none are working. But also on the Flickr website they don't work. Flickr is very buggy we all know. But in Juicebox there is no way to select an Album as a picture source ... so we simply forget Flickr ?

Re: Flickr Tags not recognised.

I'm sorry to hear that Flickr Tags are not working on your Flick account.
Flickr Tags are working OK on my own Flickr account (just a regular free Flickr account, not a Flickr Pro account) so your problem seems to be account specific.
As it's a Flickr problem, you might have better luck posting in the Flickr forum or the Flickr API forum.
Maybe Flickr would be willing to look into your problem themselves if you contacted them via the 'Contact Us' button on this page.

One thing I notice is that your images are licensed as "Some rights reserved- Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0) ". My own images are licensed as "All rights reserved". This is the only difference I can see between your account (where Tags do not work) and my own account (where Tags do work). Maybe you could try changing the license type on some of your images from "Some rights reserved" to "All rights reserved" to see if they then appear in Flickr API searches.
It might be worth a shot (as long as you are willing to change the license type on your images), at least as a temporary measure to determine whether or not this is the root cause of your problem.

With Juicebox-Pro (but not Juicebox-Lite, the free version), you can choose to select a Flickr Set (Sets now seem to be labelled as Albums in Flickr pages) via the flickrSetId configuration option (please see here for a list of Juicebox-Pro's Flickr Pro Options).
If you are considering purchasing Juicebox-Pro for this feature, then please create a Flickr Set and check that the Set images show up in the Flickr API flickr.photosets.getPhotos search page first. If the images do not show up there, then they will not show up in a Juicebox-Pro gallery either.

Re: Flickr Tags not recognised.

Hi - I've had a similar issue.
I have a theory (not fully tested) that it's due to targeting tags that are manually added versus Flickr robot added.

Certainly after manually adding a tag to a number of images in a Flickr account, those images were then returned using a tag and account combination where they had not before (when targeting a machine-added tag).

Re: Flickr Tags not recognised.


Thank you for sharing your experiences.

A quick test of my own certainly supports your theory: Flickr-added autotags do not seem to be taken into consideration in API searches.

Here's a Flickr API forum discussion regarding autotags and the API (it's a little old but the information still seems to hold true today): … 985879334/

... and here's a Stack Overflow forum thread (same topic; same conclusion): … h/32556404

If you want to use the flickrTags configuration option in your Juicebox gallery, then make sure that you have added the tags yourself (and that you are not using autotags added by Flickr).