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Topic: Thumbs not generating

Thumbs are not being generated with I save the gallery. Just the main picture is saved, but no thumbs generated in the folder to upload (except for the first slide I did initially, but after that no thumbs are made.

Re: Thumbs not generating

That's very strange and not something I've seen before.
I'm not sure what might be causing your problem other than perhaps a corrupt image.
Try creating a fresh gallery with some completely different images (and save the gallery to a new empty folder) to see if the problem happens with this new gallery.

It would certainly help if I could replicate the problem myself so, if you continue to experience the problem, please provide the following:
(1) Please let me know what version of JuiceboxBuilder-Lite you are using.
(2) Please also let me know what configuration options and image dimensions you set in JuiceboxBuilder-Lite.
(3) Please zip some sample images (your source images that the problem happens with), upload them somewhere and post a link so that I can use the same images that you use.
(4) Please let me know the exact steps that you take to reproduce the problem. I'll try to duplicate exactly what you are doing to see if the problem happens on my computer, too.

Thank you.