Topic: Captions not displaying on Juicebox gallery

This might be a bit too specific for this forum, but I'm not sure where a better place would be to post this.

I'm trying to get Juicebox to display a gallery on my page, which is does. If I display it in the content type, it shows up fine, complete with all the captions and everything. If I display it in a block view, and specifically say that I want it to display the captions, the gallery shows up, but doesn't display them.

In the Content Type editor, I'm able to change Juicebox settings in Manage Display: … y.PNG?dl=0

In the Views Editor, I'm able to use Configure Field to edit the settings: … s.PNG?dl=0

It works in the Content Type but not in the View. Why? How can I fix this? The HTML doesn't even show up, so I know the captions aren't coming through.


Re: Captions not displaying on Juicebox gallery

I notice that you are using the Juicebox module for Drupal. Please note that the module is an unofficial plugin which was not written by ourselves, and as such, I am not overly familiar with its code, interface or inner workings.

The problem seems to be not with Juicebox itself (Juicebox will display captions as long as they are present in the gallery's configuration file) but with the module's ability to fetch the captions and write them to the configuration file).

However, the module is well supported by its author in the Drupal forum and I would highly recommend that you post your query over there where Ryan will see it and hopefully be able to help you further.
(Also, the module's online documentation might help.)

I realise that this does not directly answer your query but I hope that it points you in the right direction.