Topic: Juicebox Gallery Not Displaying on Android phone

Hi  I have an issue with juicebox I cannot solve. The gallery shows up great on desktop but does not activate or show on my android phone (galaxy S4). See the gallery on … bc_v9j_1y2 as an example. Have tried the htaccess file with no luck

Re: Juicebox Gallery Not Displaying on Android phone

If you are viewing your gallery over a 3G or 4G connection (rather than wi-fi), then please see this FAQ for more information and a possible solution.
FAQ: Why can't I view my gallery on a 3G mobile connection?

If this does not make a difference, then hopefully my notes below will help.

Looking at the source of your web page in a browser, I notice that there is no <script> tag loading the 'juicebox.js' file on your page.
It looks like the content of the 'juicebox.js' file has been incorporated into your file.
It is important for the 'juicebox.js' file to be loaded into the embedding page separately (via its own <script> tag) from within the gallery's 'jbcore' folder.
Juicebox looks for a <script> tag loading the 'juicebox.js' file in order to determine the location of the gallery's 'jbcore' folder (so that it can then find other resource files that are required for the gallery to function correctly).
Try loading the 'juicebox.js' file directly into your web page (rather than combined and/or minimized with other JavaScript files) and this should hopefully solve your problem.

If this does not help, then try embedding a sample gallery into your web page using the standard embedding code found here.
This should work OK. Next, introduce your customizations, one by one, to see if they are somehow contributing to your problem.

Alternatively, you could try removing your customizations (one by one) to see if you can find the cause of the problem.
(1) Try using a regular text string pointing to a 'config.xml' file (e.g. configUrl: 'config.xml') instead of using a JavaScript function to generate the value for your configUrl.
(2) Try using the stock 'theme.css' file (and allow Juicebox to load it from within the 'jbcore' folder rather than from a different domain via a CDN).
(3) Try putting the embedding code before the gallery's container on your web page. (I know it seems unlikely that this would help but it's a quick and easy thing to try and, without knowing exactly what is causing your problem, I would not rule anything out without trying it first.)
(4) Try removing the line: if($('#dsidx-media').length === 0) { return; }. Juicebox should wait until the Document Object Model is ready before embedding the gallery into the specified container so this line of code should not be necessary.

I hope these suggestions point you in the right direction and help to track down the cause of your problem.