Topic: gallery not loading [SOLVED]

I have one gallery, which opens beautifully

Now I created two more galleries and they seem to load forever, yet, all that can be sen is a black page. Hence, images never load.

Any idea what could cause this problem?
As far as I remember, I can create several galleries, right? (my galleries [3] have max 19 images.

thank you

Link to the 2 galleries not opening - just scroll down to bottom and click on one of the 2 images

Link to the opening gallery - click on the "Glass" splashback image

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Re: gallery not loading [SOLVED]


Was uploading an archive file and extracted it on the server.  cPanel, however, changed folder permissions to 0700. Why? Who knows, lol.
First gallery (which worked flawlessly) I did upload manually, meaning I created folders online and then uploaded the files.

All good now.
Thanks for your patience

Re: gallery not loading [SOLVED]

I'm glad you've been able to resolve your problem.
Thank you for posting back to let us know.