Topic: Python Update-config.xml Script Created

Steven instructed me to add a border-style to my BackButton A HREF code, as a work-around to what may be a Juicebox bug; see . Regenerating my galleries - I use jAlbum's Juicebox skin - would result in a corresponding change to the config.xml files for these galleries. (Note that the specified change is converted by JB into XML; e.g., like HTML, a " is changed to " and so forth. So you may want to make a desired change and regenerate just one gallery, to see what was the change actually made to config.xml... after saving off a copy.)

Rather than recreate all those galleries, I wrote a Python script to make the appropriate changes. What it does is seek out "config.xml" files, and if it finds a specified string, it replaces that string with another specified string. This took about five seconds to run, to update the c. 50 galleries I've created.

This new script is available here: . As with the jbcore-updater Python script I wrote a few days ago (see ), error-handling is light (okay, non-existent), use at your own risk, etc. It worked for me.



Re: Python Update-config.xml Script Created

Thank you, again, for sharing this new script with the Juicebox community.
Hopefully, someone will benefit from your time and effort.