I am trying to figure out, what the cause of the following problem could be: the preview images are not correclty depicted, as i start the juicebox application i included on my web page. See here:

http://www.deutsches-fachwerkzentrum.de … auprojekte

Click for example on the project 'schlossberg 11, quedlinburg'.

Some of the images have a balck edge. I believe the standard setting is to fill the previe image with the referred imaged, taking the correct aspect ration into account.

What could be the reason?



a little embarrassed, because I know from my search request, that this topic has been discussed and solved by others. But even though I feel, I understood the principles, I still cannot figre my issue out myself. So thank you in advance...

My problem seems to be the reference to the config file. For example, look at the link:

http://www.deutsches-fachwerkzentrum.de … auprojekte

Here you click onto the category Goldstraße 25, then onto the one gallery image displayed.

new juicebox ({
            baseUrl: 'scripts/juicebox_lite_1.5.1/',
            configUrl: 'oekologischesbauen_goldstrasse25.php',
            containerId: 'juicebox-container',
            galleryHeight: '100%',
            galleryWidth: '100%',
            backgroundColor: '#222222'

Any idea?

Thank you

Hi Steven @ Juicebox,

you helped me again! The second suggestion worked: &ampszlig;

I didn't know that i possbile, learned again something new. So seems I need further understanding of char types and all that stuff.

Thank you again!


Hello fellows,

still excited about this very sophisticated solution to show images. Congratulations to the developer team!

But! Since I need to use special chars such as ß or ä (site is done in German), I struggle with the reaction while trying to include those into the gallery title. See image attached to post.

This shown error is the result of interpreting "ß". I also tried to change the xml output to "ß", doesn't work either, in this case there no pictures shown at all.

To figure out that this is the problem alone took me quite a few hours...


Hi Steven @ Juicebox!

Yes, I figured out how to do it following your advice. Thank you very much, it works!



this is really a cool gallery template.

Now I am trying to implement on a web page. But since I want to use more than one galleries and do all of it dynamically (i.e. to be configurated by the owner of the page), I would like to use data from a database instead of the config.xml file. Is that possible? And if yes, how?

Thank you in advance!