Topic: AIR - JuiceboxBuilder does not progress past loading screen

Unfortunately, there is a problem with the current version of AIR (v33.1.1.821), released on 8 March 2022.
JuiceboxBuilder loads but does not progress past loading screen.

The issue appears to be a screen redraw/refresh problem as new content does not appear until the window is resized.
I have reported the problem to Harman (here) and hope that they will be able to fix the problem and release a new AIR runtime promptly.

In the meantime, please use the last known good version of AIR (v33.1.1.743). (Go to Harman's AIR Runtimes download page and scroll down.)

(Please uninstall AIR v33.1.1.821 first before installing v33.1.1.743.)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Re: AIR - JuiceboxBuilder does not progress past loading screen


The problem noted above arises from the fact that Harman has removed WebKit support from AIR.
This breaks JuiceboxBuilder (and any other AIR applications that rely on the built-in WebKit library).

Please be sure to install the most recent version of AIR with WebKit support.
At the time of writing, this is AIR v33.1.1.743.

Harman has made this available on their AIR runtime download page (just scroll down to the foot of the page):