Topic: How to speed up appearing of the first image?

Hello. I recently launched a new website that features Juicebox in my portfolio: However, I am consistently getting negative feedback that each portfolio page (which is using Juicebox to display the images) is taking too long for the first image to appear. It takes between 3 secs and 14 secs for the first image to appear, on average 5 - 7 secs. What I have done so far to try and speed things up is A. all image files are stored on the same server as the rest of the website and B. all images files sizes have been reduced and optimized for display on the web. I am wondering if anyone else has come up with a way or ways to speed the appearing of the first image so viewers do not have to wait so long. Thank you for you help, Rich

Re: How to speed up appearing of the first image?

You could try reducing the file size of your main images a little more.
The average file size of the first six images in your first gallery is 336KB.

If you were to create a gallery with JuiceboxBuilder-Pro (for example) using all default settings, the resulting images would be 1024 x 768 and approximately 120KB each. This file size is still well-suited for web gallery use (for most scenarios) and is nearly 3 times smaller than your images at present.

This will not reduce the loading time of the first image by a third (the browser still has to load the 'juicebox.js' file and the many other external CSS and JavaScript files on your WordPress pages) but it should help.