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Thanks very much Steven - does the same apply to my <H1> tag I put in within the juicebox div?


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I have seen some references to the back button with Juicebox.  Can I alter the url of the back button in the browser so that it goes to a specific page, rather than the previous photo, or is that something else entirely?

See http://www.fobgfc.org/?page=gallery.  When a gallery is selected, and the user visits each photo, I'd like the browser back button to return to the page listing all the galleries.


Hi, still learning!  Is all the image info kept in the config, and the img tags generated in the html just for show?  seems like it, as commenting them out doesn't make any difference.


Just added today, so probably some tinkering still to be done.

Brilliant - thanks very much.


Hi, new user here.

What config settings do I need to get the arrangement shown in the demo here please