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I have to be a total dummy, but I have to ask...

Embed Sizes

A Juicebox gallery can be embedded as Full Browser or Embedded.

Full Browser - means the gallery fills 100% x 100% of the browser window.

Embedded - means the gallery is a fixed size element in a bigger HTML page (e.g. a small gallery in a blog). Embedded galleries display the Expand button which allows the user to expand the gallery to fill the browser window and display the images at higher resolution.

I want embedded not full browser mode.  How to I use the embedded function, I can't find anything in the config about it.

I only ask this, because this page....


will not embed into my website, correctly.  It jumps out of the iframe all together, it takes over the browser.

see     http://www.thsgw.com/2.htm

If anyone can solve this, THANKS IN ADVANCE!


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So this is a problem with my web design software, I'll have to figure out how to place that code where needed.


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I'm working with a live site, so I have to hide things.  Anyhow...

http://www.thsgw.com is the site.  I'm replacing the gallery because it will not handle Portrait and Landscape photos together.  It crops them, sucks!  But what I'm looking for is something similar to what I have on the gallery page, if you note everything is nice and stays within the site....

If you go the my hidden page http://www.thsgw.com/gallery.html you can see the juicebox gallery.  Now I combine them....

http://www.thsgw.com/1.htm and some of the photos cover the T logo at the top right, and go beyond the frame I have set.  What am I missing?  AS soon as this works, I'm getting the PRO version or IF I need the pro version to do this I'll get it now.  The program is easier to use then doing the photos by hand that is for sure.

I also would like the photos to expand to original size when clicked on but that is probably not possible.

I though this is going to be simple, take my photos import them and it would make nice and small thumbnails, then when you click on would open to full size.  I could do it in my Xara Designer Pro X11 but I have to do each photo separately one at a time, gallery software is the way to go.

Any help is MUCH appreciated!