I'm using Drupal 7.32 and juicebox 1.42 with the juicebox module 7.x-2.0. I've created several views and updated the pro settings to fit my needs. So far so good.

For the content type "Image" I've activated the title and alt fields. When adding fields to a view I'm missing the field "Content: Image (field_image:title)". All I see is the field "Content: Image (field_image:delta)". So that's more of a Drupal issue I guess.

So I've searched for solutions on the net and came up with the "rewrite results" feature of the image field. I've tried several approaches with the rewrite patterns and even adding a second image field to rewrite the result to [field_image-title] or [field_image-alt]. It seems that juicebox is ignoring the rewrite results as only the picture is shown and no text at all.

Maybe I've lost the sight of the wood for the trees already.

Is it possible to use Drupal and Juicebox to show a caption for each image in the gallery view?