Hi Guys,

Been using Simpleviewer Pro for quite a while and thought I'd make the jump to Juicebox for futureproofing (HTML5 etc...)
And naturally I've had what seems to be a basic issue that the FAQ deals with.
The problem is that the FAQ doesn't deal with it.

When I view my gallery I see the message 'Config XML file not found'. How do I fix this?

This message means that Juicebox cannot find the config.xml file that describes the gallery. Make sure the config.xml file is in the gallery folder. Check Troubleshooting Pathing Problems.

Yep. Done that. It's definitely in the folder where I saved the gallery. I told it to create a new folder on the desktop for testing and that's where is is along with the index file and the images, jbcore and thumbs folders.

Troubleshooting Pathing Problems

Most errors when embedding Juicebox arise from incorrectly specified paths to the assets required by Juicebox (either the XML file or the images and thumbnails).

I have no control over these. I just dropped the images into the app and expected it to figure out where they were. There's no place to enter file paths to the images anyway and even if there were they'd be wrong because that'll change when I upload it or copy it to somewhere else on a drive. Don't understand this one really.

Check your image paths and filenames exactly match the names specified in the config file.

I didn't create the config file. I don't know how to check this. Why do I need to ?

Most web servers are Case Sensitive. This means the letter cases in the filename must exactly match those in the XML document (for example ".jpg" is not the same as ".JPG").

It's not on a web server but point taken.

Relative paths are relative to the HTML document that embeds the Juicebox gallery.
Use forward slashes (/) not back slashes when specifying paths.
A URL beginning with a forward slash is relative to the root of the website. A URL without a leading slash is relative to the current folder.

It's just in a folder on the desktop. Why can't it find the file ?

As you're gathering from this I really have no clue about anything other than using the GUI for the app.
My days of programming ceased when the 6502A was no longer a mainstream processor for home computers.
I run the app, drag and drop my pics, decide what parameters I want and save it. I then double-click the html file to make sure it looks OK in a variety of browsers but it's not working in any of them. Chrome for the stated reasons in the FAQ. It doesn't work when the "show in browser" is ticked either.
And of course there's nothing else on the website that might give me a clue apart from the FAQ and I've demonstrated that it has not helped.
I realise that it's early days for this software but I honestly did expect it work out of the box so to speak. Simpleviewer has operated flawlessly for me and I'm a bit disappointed to have run into a show-stopper with Juicebox this quickly.

Is it possible that one of you knowledgeable peeps out there can offer a solution that my failing brain can get around ?